Behailu Visits UNC Asheville

Memorial Day weekend was an eventful weekend for Behailu. We took a drive up to UNC Asheville to visit and tour the art department with two students interested in learning more about the university. The Art Department came through with an amazing tour even despite the school being closed for summer. Thank you Jackson Martin for taking time out of your Memorial Day weekend to show us around! We can really see that these art professors are so passionate about what they are doing. We also toured the larger campus with the help of a former student of Behailu, the amazing Jenni Ovlera, who now attends UNC Asheville. What an impressive campus! If you or your student are interested in UNC Asheville we highly recommend taking the time to check it out! Contact the Admissions Office or the Art Department for more information.

Mayors Mentoring Alliance + Behailu

Our students had so much fun volunteering as ushers for the pirate - themed Mayors Mentoring Alliance event this past week.

We're proud to announce one of our teachers, Colleen Murphy, was nominated as Mentor of the Year.

Drumroll please -- we're especially excited to announce and celebrate our very own Maurice Atkins on winning Charlotte's Mentee of the Year! Maurice worked hard this year on helping create a paid graphic design internship at the company B-Stock with his mentor. He doesn't allow anything to hold him back and we're excited to see where he goes!

A great night, a great event, with a great outcome!

Meals, Minds, and Movement

Can you include the description: Meals, Minds, and Movement is a year long series of conversations designed to build community though increasing understanding. The project is open to all teens (14 years and older) and adults. We will come together monthly to share a meal and our perspectives about a "tough to talk about" issue in an effort to learn and grow from each other. The project will culminate in a community created mural on a large stretch of fence on Matheson Avenue donated generously by a neighbor. Please join us for one or all! RSVP to to confirm attendance or with questions. 

MealsMindsMovement2018 2.jpg