Behailu Out of School Time Program

Behailu Academy is a free arts-based youth development program that provides the time, space and experiences for youth to find, define, refine and share their unique voices through the arts and artistic expression.  Using art as a vehicle, we teach valuable life skills such as self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. Participants learn and practice these skills while in the program and more importantly use them in other areas of their lives- such as home and school- after the program has ended.

Behailu Academy’s Out of School Time Program provides free programming for 6th-8th grade students in hubs throughout Charlotte. Van transportation to the hub and home is provided for all students in the program.

This year we are proud to partner with INVEST COLLEGIATE: Transform for our first hub. In the fall of 2019, we will serve 30 students solely from INVEST COLLEGIATE: Transform with the goal of expanding to a nearby CMS school in the spring, increasing the number of participants to 60. Fall of 2020 will fill out the Westside Behailu Hub with the addition of another nearby school. In 2020, it is our goal to open an Eastside Behailu Hub whose location is yet to be determined.

What does a day at Behailu Academy look like?  

  • Arrival and snack (provided)

  • 90 minutes of art classes: performing, visual, digital

  • Group activities, games and community building

  • Time to connect with a caring, positive adult role model and peers

  • Open studio time to explore a new interest or finish a piece

  • Behailu Vans drive students home in the evening

What we Offer

We offer a varying mix of programming each session at Behailu Academy.  Classes are based on teaching artist specialties, student interest and the community.