Behailu Academy is a free arts-based youth development organization dedicated to empowering middle and high school students through the arts, academics, and community service. Our programs are free to those that qualify. We provide van transportation from Cochrane Collegiate Academy, Garinger High School, Garinger Focus, and Eastway Middle School. We provide bus passes to youth attending schools outside of our transportation zone. Meals and snacks are also provided. Families qualify based on income for out Out of School Program. Our goal is to make programs accessible to the youth that need them the most, but may not have the resources needed for art classes or tutoring.


You are an essential part of the Behailu Academy experience for your teenager

While you may not think your teen is listening or needs you now that they are older, that is not true. Research has proven that high levels of engagement among parents/guardians means better long term academic and economic outcomes for youth.  


We are here to work with you to provide as many opportunities as possible for your child.

We believe in open, ongoing communication with the families of the students we serve. The more we understand about your son or daughter, the more we can support his/her development. We communicate by phone, text, email, the Remind App, and written letters.